+Is it possible to meet before a shooting ?

Absolutely, it is always best to meet and get to know each other and find out exactly what you are looking for. This is especially important for events in order to discuss the planning and answer all your questions.

+How far in advance do you suggest to book for an event ?

In order to secure dates please check with me asap. The busiest months are from May to September. It is always best to book as far in advance as possible to avoid any disappointments.

+Can you supply the pictures in black and white as well ?

All pictures are taken in RAW colour format and I would be happy to convert them to black and white upon request.

+Will we receive digital negatives of all the photos ?

Yes, you will receive digital copies of all photos optimized for standard picture reproduction on a DVD or Blue Ray disc. High-resolution images for larger formats, e.g. posters, can be supplied at no extra charge. If you give me the selection to enlarge I will optimally resize them accordingly.

+What cameras do you use ?

I have been using Canon cameras and lenses since 1981 with my first AE-1 film camera. Now I primarily use 2 Canon 5D MK IIIs with all the possibilities of post-editing in RAW format.

+Do you have back-up equipment ?

Yes, I have duplicate cameras and divers lenses and lighting. My camera also records onto 2 cards simultaneously for added security. I also make 3 separate backups of all pictures taken prior to retouching.

+What retouching do you do ?

As little as possible as it is important that your photos look like you really do. I may however adjust the colour tone and contrast. Also I can remove any spots, blemishes, stray hairs etc. but only after showing you the photos and agreeing to the extent. All in all I will alter the photos in such a way that you and the people who see them will not be able to notice it. Just enough for a great photo.

Sometimes I may transform pictures to black/white, sepia etc., to get more of the mood. Please review the photos in my portfolios to get a better idea of my style.


+What style are the Headshots ?

This all depends on what you want to project to the viewer such as being a professional or amicable etc., and what it will be used for e.g. job application, web presence, social media, passports etc. We can do numerous different "looks" on a shoot and decide together beforehand what you are looking for.

+What should I wear to the shoot for a Headshot ?

First of all you should choose your favourites and what you think is the best to show your character and personality.

It all depends again on what the headshots are for. For interviews you can use suits, costumes etc. For Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) it can also be more casual.

You may bring a few different styles and change during the shooting to diversify the results.


Shapes and curves are flattering here especially regarding the neck. T-Shirts are not especially flattering unless the have a deeper neckline or even a V-Neck.

Colours: Light or dark depending on your complexion are great. Best without large patterns, stripes or spots as they can take the focus away from you.

Accessories/Jewellery: Again please keep at a minimal as it is you I am going to photograph and it is you the person looking who they want to see with as little distractions as possible.


You can suits with a tie and plain shirt for the professional look (white or blue). Fresh out of the cleaners or pressed will be great. For a more informal look we can leave out the tie. A suit with a t-shirt can also work. A V-neck t-shirt will accentuate the facial contours. For an even more casual look you may also choose to use a leather/denim jacket or similar.

Colours: Light or dark depending on your complexion are great. Best without large patterns, stripes or spots as they can take the focus away from you.

+How should I come to the shoot ?

A picture will always show how you feel so there are a couple of things you can do the day before. First of all it is always best to have a great nights sleep and come to the shoot feeling great. If you have been out partying the night before it will show believe me, especially in your eyes. If you want the best picture then you have to help me by looking the best. Also come knowing that together we will get just that picture you were looking for – "think positive".

+What should I do with my hair ?

It might be a good idea to have a haircut before the shoot. Also on the day of the shoot please do not go too crazy with grease or sprays. Just try to get that natural "you" look. Ladies/Girls with longer hair should bring clips and bands to form the hair.

+How much makeup should I use ?

This is the same as with hair, just enough to get that natural look. One trend today which you may like to review is the "Nude Look" which will give you a fresher and more natural appearance.

+Can I bring someone with me ?

Yes, of course you can if you wish. They may be able to help you in choosing the best pictures from the shoot.

+How long does a Headshot session usually take ?

This all depends on how many "looks" you require. As a rule a "look" takes about 30 minutes. However there are no time limits, as I only plan for a maximum of 2 sessions a day, mornings and afternoons, so you will not be under any pressure at all. We will shoot until you have just that look.

First of all, we will sit down and discuss the session and really just get to know each other. We will talk about what you need the photos for and how to achieve the results. Then we start the session and it is my job to coach you into getting that picture where you say WOW...

+Can I review the photos during the session ?

After taking a few images we can review them direct on the computer to see how the session is progressing. It is great for you to see the results as they come to alter your position etc. to achieve exactly the look you came for.

+How many photos will you take and how many will I receive ?

Typically I can take anything up to 300 pictures for each look. Together we will then choose 2-3 pictures, which will then be post-edited and sent to you. This will take 1-2 days..

+Is it advisable to bring old pictures to the shoot ?

Yes, that is a great idea, then we can review them and discuss what looks you have and what you would like.

+Do you do Headshot sessions on location ?

Yes I do travel for location shots and can bring studio equipment and/or take more of a portrait shot in your chosen environment. I will visit you and the location beforehand to discuss the different possibilities and determine when and where to do the shooting. This is especially important regarding the lighting.



+What is your style of photography ?

Photojournalistic, detailed, fun just about sums it up. I am as invisible as possible, but at the same time omnipresent. Inspiration instead of staging, resulting in pictures that are surprisingly intense, coloured with true emotion. Pictures that capture the magical moments of your day, which you will look at again and again to immerse yourself in those special memories.

Please browse through my portfolio to capture an overview.

+How many events do you shoot a year ?

As each event is very special and a great deal of artistic inspiration is incorporated with each album I only undertake 4 to a maximum of 6 events per year.

+Will you visit the location/s before the event ?

I always like to visit all locations with you before the event in order to get inspired as well as to determine what gear to bring especially regarding lighting.

+How many photos will you take ?

This depends on many factors such as time. For a full wedding with an engagement I could take anyway up to 5.000 photos. After post editing, deleting the pictures with closed eyes, out of focus, doublets etc., I will have about 500-700 photos for you.

+Do you also offer photo albums ?

Yes, The Storybooks are Hard-Back, produced on high-quality printing paper and are bound traditionally. The paper is so thick that many think that there are couple of page stuck together when flipping through. The number of pages depends on the number of sessions/days photographed and is usually between 50-100 double page spreads = 100-200 sides. We can offer you numerous formats the most popular being:

  • 15.7 x 11.8 inch / 40 x 30 cm
  • 11.8 x 11.8 inch / 30 x 30 cm

  • +How long will it take until we receive the album ?

    The album is created and you will then be invited to review a slideshow with all pages and after your final approval it will be sent to the printers. The timeframe depends on how many chapters have been included in the album. Please calculate 3- 6 weeks. However the pictures with slideshow will be supplied beforehand.

    When we receive the finished storybook we will make an appointment and you will receive the photo book, a Slideshow (DVD / Blue Ray disk) of the album and all pictures as well as all photos as jpeg images optimized for web and social networks.

    +Can you also supply slideshows ?

    Yes again, Included in your package is DVD/Blue Ray Disc with animated slideshows. This includes one slideshow for the Album, one for the full event with a selection of photos ideal for showing to family/friends and several separate slideshows for each part of your event e.g. Getting Ready, Registry Office, Church, Reception etc. The following formats are available:

  • HD 1080
  • HD 720
  • Apple TV
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • YouTube

  • +What other products do you offer ?

    There are also large selections of products, which can be customised to your wishes. I will optimise the images for each of these, as colours etc. tend to be different depending on the medium, which they are printed on. The selection includes:

  • Invitations
  • Thank-You Cards
  • Posters
  • Posters - with Background Lighting
  • Pictures on Canvas
  • Pictures on Alu-Dibond
  • Pictures on Acryl or Glass
  • Pictures in Calendars
  • Pictures on Smartphones
  • Pictures on PVC
  • Picture-Wallpaper
  • Pictures on Cups