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Ingo & Natascha - Church Wedding - Traditional Photos

Today was the big day and it all started at 9:00 at the hairdresser Haartistik in G├╝tersloh with Natascha. I took numerous photos documenting the transformation from a beautiful young woman to a fabulous bride to be.

I then went on to Ingo to photograph his getting ready and then drove back again to Natascha to capture the moments of her getting ready as well. It was all very hectic and time was very short but we still managed to get some great pictures of the lovely bride.

I then drove off to the church to catch Natascha arriving and take some photos of the waiting groom. One of my favourite pictures is when Natasha is waiting outside looking at her father with her mother looking at both of them in the background. You can feel what each of them were thinking with a proud mother, a father letting go of his little girl and the bride to be ready to start a new life with her spouse. This is why I love to document weddings being privileged to capture those precious moments full of emotion.

After the wedding we had to drive to Rietberg for the reception. The sky was overcast with a sign of the weather clearing up so we waited half an hour and then went on to take some group photos in blazing sunlight. As you can see from the pictures we all had a fantastic time. Then it was back to the guests and reception and the party!!!

After sorting through over 5.000 pictures taken for this event, taking out the duplicates etc. the couple were presented with a slideshow and original digital copies of 720 pictures which documented their very special occassion.

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    NataschaSEP 03, 2014

    It is a great art to capture the special moments with all its facets. Lawrence absolutely succeeded in this!

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    IngoSEP 03, 2014

    Beautiful pictures, which do not look at all directed.

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    Ann-ChristinSEP 03, 2014

    Very soulful images which always bring back the experience and atmosphere up close. (Witness)


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