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Matthias & Magdalena - Post-Shooting

So now with the civil wedding over, Matz and Magi came to the school where they first met to have some photos taken of them with luke, their Australian Shepard. After a few shots in the school grounds we then went outside to the park where Matz threw the Frisbee to get a couple of action shots.

Then Luke noticed a shallow lake and true to his breed he dived in after the Frisbee as well. We managed to get some great shots and I am really looking forward to their church wedding and reception next year.

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    MagiOCT 05, 2014

    Dear Lawrence,

    Magi and I would like to thank you very very much! This is simply for all the great pictures you took of us, the guests, Luke (their dog) and locations, combined with your patience you had at our initial meeting as well as the great ideas you had. Through your inimitable pictures and the wonderful slideshow you have given us unforgettable memories of the happiest day of our lives! Thank you so much for everything!

    We hope, at the next opportunity, to be able to count on you again and recommend to anyone who is looking for a super creative, reliable, high-quality and professional photographer to get in touch with Lawrence!!!

    Best regards

    Magi & Matz


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