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You can see, feel, smell and even hear the emotion of another moment in time looking at a picture....

Lawrence John Raby

Let me begin by thanking you for visiting my new website and I am very pleased that you are considering me to document one of your moments in time. You can discover who I am just by looking at the pictures I have taken as these reflect how I feel the best. Being born and raised in England you will find that I have a different sense of humour with one of my favourite quotations being: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".

I started photography in 1970 and in 1976 bought my first microprocessor camera, a Canon AE1 camera. Two years on I was asked to photograph my first wedding. This started a lifetime passion which, has grown and grown over the years.

For many years I was an Apple Dealer (1986-1994) and, being a "Desk-Top" pioneer, introduced and installed the personal-computer digital world to numerous Newspapers, Printers, Photographers, Advertising Agencies etc. This included the use of the first digital cameras and video cameras. I also ran a training center teaching the very first versions of all major popular software programs such as Adobe.

Every picture you browse through on this site will show how I feel about photography - Passion - . This passion for photography has always been an important counterpoint to my professional stations within the IT world. Please just take a moment to browse through my galleries for an overview of my style of photography. View also my blogs, which have a larger selection of pictures.

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Leonardo da Vinci